Life Journal (Free Notion Template)

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Create, accomplish, and review your biggest goals—all in one place.

  • Are you new to journaling and want some prompts to encourage critical thinking?
  • Do you end days, weeks, and months not knowing where your time went?
  • Do you need something more out of your journaling habit?
Life Journal could be your answer.

I needed something easy to use but still complex enough to get true long-term value out of. So, I built and tested Life Journal for myself first. 

I built this system earlier this year (2021), and it's made a vast difference in reviewing my day-to-day work. It also makes sure I stay on track with my long-term goals. Life Journal isn't just a journal for me—it's an entire goal-setting system that benefits from daily journaling. It's given my journaling a deeper purpose.

You can start using this journal system right from wherever you are in your own life:

  • If you've never set long-term goals before or are new to journaling, Life Journal makes the perfect introduction. 
  • If you're already an avid goal-setter, Life Journal can streamline and enhance your process through reviews and engaging prompts.

What's inside?

✓  1 Free, all-in-one Notion journaling & goal-setting system
✓  Template walkthrough & explanation with tips on goal-setting and how to break down your goals into actionable steps
✓  5 pre-made databases: Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, Years)
✓  Built-in daily metric tracking to help review your progress
✓  Journaling templates with prompts to encourage deeper journaling and reviewing


Can I share this template?

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How do I duplicate this template?

How to duplicate a Notion template

After your download is complete, open the PDF for the link to open the template. With the template open, press the "Duplicate" button in the top right corner of the Notion page. The template will appear in your "Private" pages in your Notion sidebar. You can leave the template there or move it into another page or workspace like any other Notion page.

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An all-in-one journaling & goal-setting system.

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Life Journal (Free Notion Template)

31 ratings
I want this!